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SHS Senior Project - Student's Support 

The purpose of our community service team project is to experience first hand the leadership concepts of “contributing to the community and giving back to others”, to integrate what you are learning from helping others, to learn more about their own and others leadership skills, and to support and inform SHS student body and their families through different activities such as: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Anti-Bullying Campaign, Christmas Giveaway for Sanger Community members , etc..

Standard(s)/Skills that will be covered: 

How develop and implement a meaningful project in collaboration with the leadership of community service organizations

To learn about effective teambuilding and collaborative work.

To present senior's project including a full research and results of our services to the English Teachers. 

To provide seniors with an excellent volunteer service background to support college applications.

Project Reach-out

Dress code violations, emergency incidents, and need of clothes. ​

We regularly help families on an appointment basis.

Community outreach  through special events.

Provide SHS students with oportunities to serve our community as part of their senior projects. They also can gain community service hours for their college applications.

Dress Code Violations

​An average of 30 students per month is referred to us for dress code violations. The advantage of having this project on campus is that the students are not sitting in the main office for a long period of time waiting for their parents to bring clothes and losing valuable class time.

Emergency Incidents

It can vary from ripped pants, torn shoes, stained clothes, and feminine incidents.
The greatest need is during winter because some of the students’ parents do not have money to buy a warn sweater or coat.
Our project provides them with a very accessible environment and privacy. To make them feel comfortable and welcome.


Our project provides students and families   with a very accessible environment and   privacy, in order to make them feel comfortable and welcome. Volunteers agree to not disclose the names of recipients.

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