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Teen Leadership 2015-2016


President:                         Miriam Meza

Vice-president:                Samantha Moua

Secretary:                          Ariel Xiong

Treasure:                           Paola Garcia

Club Advisor Assitant:   Nyssa Gill


Campaign Leaders


Britney Villarreal

(Leader - Anti-Bullying Campaign)


Kiana Medrano

(Co-Leader - Anti-Bullying Campaign)

(Leader Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign)        


Arlene Shodhi 

(Co-Leader Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign)


Ilene Sanchez

(Leader Christmas Parade)


Susan Cha

(Leader Valentine's Day Celebration)


Monica Soto

(Co-Leader Valentine's Day Celebration)


Mikaylah Rivas

(Leader Christmas Giveaway)


Raisa Gonzalez

(Co-Leader Christmas Giveaway)


Jacqueline Zarate

(Co-Leader Christmas Giveaway)


Rosario Vazquez

(Leader Fashion Show)


Paola Garcia

(Co-Leader Fashion Show)


Sonia Saldana

(Leader Relay for Life)


Rossinnie Kim

(Co-Leader Relay for Life)

Teen Leadership 2013-2014

Pachoua Lor

Club President 2014-2015

12th grade at Sanger High School

Volunteer since 2012

The events that I enjoy the most each year are the Christmas Giveaway, Relay for Life event, and Senior Prom Dress Fashion Show. This year, I have the privilege of leading the club as President. I take great pride in being an Apache Closet volunteer because our efforts result in fruitful benefits for our community and students.

Ariel Xiong

Club Advisor Assistant

11th grade at Sanger High School

Volunteers since 2012

This year as an assistant, it feels great to be able to help out at events such as, Anti-Bullying Campaign, The Christmas

Giveaway, and The Fashion Show. I am glad to see people's smiles, as Apache

Closet helps them.

Samantha Moua

Club Secretary 2014-2015

Volunteer since 2012

Upon hearing great things about Apache Closet from a friend, I joined the club in my freshman year. From then on, I became a member of the club and I am planning to join my senior year as well. I hope to spread the word of the great things that Apache Closet does.

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